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Anti Scogue

Scogue. Just say no.

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Please, do not join this community just to argue with anti-scogue. If you like Scogue, then this community is obviously not for you.

Welcome to our little community. This is a place for people, like me, who absolutely hate the idea of Scott and Rogue being a couple in X-Men: Evolution, or any other X-Men series. This community is mainly for Scott/Jean, and Rogue/Gambit fans, but anyone else is welcome, as long as you don't support Scogue.

Please make posts in the community friends only, and remember that membership must be approved. This is just to stop Scogue fans from joining and causing a war.

Feel free to make graphics, rant, or just chat ^^ Please try not to spam, and no fighting whatsoever. Unless it's an arguement over what to do to whoever thought of Scogue ;) If you have an X-Men community, feel free to advertise it. And please remember to have fun!

Want to support our cause? Great! Put this color bar in your userinfo, an LJ entry, a personal site- anywhere!

Rogue/Gambit and Jean/Scott are proof that Scogue Sucks

Another way to support our cause would be by putting 'anti scogue', 'anti rogue/scott', and/or 'anti scott/rogue' in the intrest section of your Livejournal.

This community is maintained by ____sultry and fatal_kisss

Note to Scogue fans: We have our opinions, and you have yours. It's as simple as that. We are bashing the PAIRING, not you in general. So please, if you take offense, than just don't come here.