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Promotion [03 Jul 2006|04:37pm]

Hey everyone, I have another community to tell you about.^_^ It's called x_movie_stamp and you can be stamped as any of the characters from the X-Men movies. Its just opened and there's already members, plus the stamps are pretty nice.^_^ So please head over there and take a look for yourself.

Oh and I know most of you, if not all of you don't like the movie Rogue, but it's a nice community where you can get stamped as an X-Men. It's sad that Gambit isn't a choice, but that's only because he's not in the moives yet, which is terrible cause the ragin' cajun is the best. But I'm sure once he is he'll be add a.s.a.p. ^_^

Scogue is BACK. Take that, Scogue lovers. [24 Jun 2006|09:21pm]

[ mood | apologetic ]

Me and ____sultry are HORRIBLE. We let our community die (back on our old LJ names). While... other things kept us from keeping it up and going, among them was the fact that we had lost our interest with X-Men.


Our interest is BACK and strong. We're here to get the community up and going again, hopefully better then LAST time.

I've removed old members, and some old posts, giving scoguesucks a fresh start. I'll be promoting (and PROBABLY getting flamed by scogue fans, but that's cool.)

Anyways, I just wanted you all to know, that even thought this is an anti-scogue community, you can post icons/graphics/fanfiction that is just general X-Men. It doesn't HAVE to be just Romy/Jott or Anti-Scogue things.

Anyways, my biggest apologies for letting the community die, hopefully it can be repaired :)

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